Chilly and Muddy

It was chilly but we went outside anyway. We finally uncovered the sandbox so the muddy play has started! The kids were pretty happy to have the sandbox back.

Rainy Day

The rain kept us in all day but we had a dance party and made flubber and finger painted! We also sang a new rainy day song that all the kids loved!

YAY Warm Weather!

Finally, we didn’t wear snow pants outside today! The kids helped to move around the wood chips and the puddles are mostly gone. We have library day tomorrow and they have asked us to wear green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Another New Teacher!

Caitin starting working at the school this morning. Her very calm demeanor was great to have for our newest addition. She will be working a few mornings and a few afternoons. The playground is drying out nicely and hopefully we only need snow pants for another week or two.

Warm Weather

It is so nice to have such warm weather. The kids LOVE the puddles so you may have tons of wet clothes going home. They are loving the water plat though!

Another Busy Day!

We had a busy day again with two new friends that started! We also hired Samantha, she will help us in the mornings. The kids really liked her immediately which was great.

Busy Day

We were very busy today at school. There were lots of friend to play with. We have started looking for a teacher to join us in the mornings to help with the Preschool program.